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Communication is a means, a tool, it also can be said as the foundation for humans to understand, learn and relate as mutuals. Through communication, humans create a social environment which enables change and developments which can lead to a better life. Communication plays an important role with technology experts continuously inventing resources to facilitate and expedite the process. There have been numerous developments in internet communication facilitiess after it was discovered that the space and time is no longer an obstacle for accessing information. The ease in obtaining or sending information from a website fosters all forms of social and labor relations.

The website for the Faculty of Psychology UNTAR serves as a communication tool for academicians and members of the public. Through this website we encourage students, faculty, staff and community members to download and upload information relevant to their interests. The information provided on this website relates to the implementation of education, social news, information activities of the Faculty / program studies, and a special column discussing progressions in the study of psychology that can be useful for community members.

On behalf of the Faculty of Psychology UNTAR, we hope that the information provided will be beneficial to the utilization of this website.

Thank you.


Dean of the Faculty of Psychology

Dr. Rostiana, M.Si, Psi.