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UNTAR Faculty of Psychology


Become a recognized Faculty of Psychology on a national level spearheading the development and application of psychology as well as pursuing an active role in international scientific activities.



Faculty of Psychology UNTAR implements an education process promoting values of Entrepreneurship, Professionalism, Integrity and Caring Community (EPIC).

Faculty of Psychology UNTAR organize the management process is transparent, based on the working environment conducive to the development of science; the art that related to psychology; and implementation of psychology in order to improve the welfare of society.

Faculty of Psychology UNTAR constantly strive to improve the quality of the graduates and the educational process as well as the satisfaction of stakeholders.



VALUE OF UNTAR : Entrepreneurship; Professional; Integrity; Caring Community (EPIC).


Ability and willingness to produce work or findings based on the creative and innovative thinking, that aiming to develop and applying the science of psychology that bring benefits to society.



  1. Having autonomy (freedom) in selecting and determining decisions while remaining responsible for every decision made.
  2. Creative and innovative; motivated to create something new or take advantage of available opportunities that will benefit others
  3. Enjoy challengeswith the will to try new and positive things
  4. Self-directed; willing to bear failure, accept criticisms, and admit mistakes.
  5. Resilient; being able to bounce back from any
  6. Able to tolerate uncertainties because of the willingness to learn from previous circumstances.
  7. Have a high level of work engagement in order to face risk-calculated challenges.


Professionalism is a commitment to always perform tasks competently by showing a positive working attitude such as discipline, responsibility, initiative, collaboration, and providing excellent service to those in need without discriminating thus providing optimal results.



  1. Mastering competency skills required to lead a group.
  2. Taking duties seriously, never putting off tasks and willing to undertake measures that go above and beyond task completion.
  3. Remaining committed to duties and the organization / faculty
  4. Actively forming networks and utilizing the network to conduct tasks better


Openness to behave while abiding rules/policies/codes of ethic. Integrity also reflects understanding and willingness to behave consistently with the statement or promise and moral values regardless the difficulty.



  1. Behavior and attitude is based on honesty thereforenever accepting or giving
  2. Walk the talk
  3. Abide by the rules even though no one is watching
  4. Never plagiarising, cheating, orclaiming the rights / property of other people’s work as one’s own.
  5. Willing to scold colleagues / relatives / friends who commit offenses.
  6. Are able to show themselves as an example / role model upholding integrity


Giving attention to community welfare by using various activities on applied psychologicy, in order to help empower society add value to their psychological well-being.

  1. Putting specific attention to surroundings.
  2. Caring about the well-being of family, friends and society
  3. Providing immediate assistance when needed (avoiding any excuse)
  4. Providing support that increase societal welfare
  5. Willing to work selflessly in order to overcome difficulties, problems, and disasters which can occur in society
  6. Creating social activity needed by the nearby community to help improve their welfare.